Vanna Struggles to Chill Out - BYOB REVOLT
Written by: Vanna Keomisy BYOB Revolt
The first 90 days of starting our new venture at Moxie David has come to an end, and Jennifer has tasked Fey and I with renewing our core stats and persona. It got me thinking about a few personality traits that have made a huge impact on my professional self, the good and the bad.

To be real, one of my biggest weaknesses is that I am incredibly impulsive. Out of everyone else on my team, I need the Revolt the most. I am a bit of a wrecking ball, and as fun as that sounds, my life tends to be pretty chaotic.

I’ve never been a planner or a very OCD person. And when I fall into a routine, I end up getting bored and end up just thinking about what the next best thing is instead. I constantly need to feel stimulated, otherwise everything just seems so dull and my scatterbrain gets uncomfortable with just being still.

It’s exhausting, but I think the universe led me here so that I can organize all this chaos. Over the next few days, I’ll be assessing and documenting my core statistics and vanity stats before creating my new persona. I’ll also be reviewing the last persona I wrote, and comparing any changes I’ve had. I’ve also decided that my mantra needs to be “stability rules” for the next 30 days as a harsh reminder to myself.

But what if you pivot, Vanna? 
I’ll be surprised if I don’t. It will take a lot for me to really just hone in and focus on my own expectations instead of always just rolling with the punches. I look to my team of bosses every day for inspiration, and their work ethic motivates me to stay on track. I feel at a loss when I’m working and I don’t exchange ideas with them first. I’m not trying to compete with them to hold myself accountable, but I am the type of person that needs their support in order to find clarity.

You don’t have to be on a boss path for yourself by yourself. This shit’s hard, and  for me, it’s better with a squad of people who will keep me in check so that I, too, can learn how to do the same.

BYOB Revolt
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