The Revolt Persona Program

let's craft your professional dna!

Your persona conveys the way you want both you as a professional and your work to be received.


career advancement

Create A Detailed Analysis of Your Current Professional Position


Establish Your Personal Brand With Our Custom Persona Method

consistent growth

Set Goal Setting Strategy for 30, 60, 90 Day Check-Ins


Get Insights Into Accountability Practices That Help You Stay On Track

Let's start at the very beginning shall we?
Imagine a professional world that revolves around you. Not a one size fits all package, but a place where you can use universal fundamentals to position yourself for growth on your own terms.
The cherry on top, you can then use the most valuable aspects of these outcomes to advance your career in ways that provide growth and financial gains. Sound like a magically place right? It is. And it’s located just outside of the box you’re trapped in.
Just like many, I was stuck in a place feeling unfulfilled and down right confused as to how I could excel. I turned the strategic approach to how I helped business grow on myself. I made some adjustment and began looking at myself as a brand. I became aware of my strengths, weaknesses and accountable for my own growth with the use of this method. If you’re ready to take your first professional cliff jump, there’s not time like the present. 
Let’s get started!

How It Works

The guide is a brick by brick plan of attack that includes a series of instructional, and motivational videos and audio clips to guide you through the process.

You'll also receive exclusive insights, evaluations and Jennifer Fitta's meticulously crafted methodology to defining and conveying your unique professional persona! The crazy part is that your brand persona and you as a person could be insanely different.

Below is a breakdown of what the guide contains.

a persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers. In this case, your persona is who your brand represents

You will answer a set of questions which will help you distinguish what the core of your professional brand looks like. 

In this step, you will assess your persona critically and define the components you like and dislike. Honesty is key here. 

The first one you write, I would suggest you read it at least once a week until you hit your 30 day mark. Then reread it every 30 days. Unless you start to backslide!  When you find yourself backsliding and you have to call bullshit on yourself: REREAD NOT REWRITE!

Baseline Analysis Program


We are so consumed with the status quo and performance metrics given to us by a particular organization that we tend to forget to check in with ourselves. Our baseline analysis allows you to examine what you’ve been accumulating, skill and responsibility wise, and checking twice to be sure it aligns with what you’re trying to achieve.


The Baseline Analysis Program is a step by step guide to assessing and analyzing your baseline and includes all of tools you’ll need to carry out this analysis.

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