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Before you can even begin documenting “what” you bring to the table, you have to know “who” you are brining to the table. As part of the method, we encourage you to write your own persona. The first step in your go-to market strategy is formulating a persona of who your brand represents. In the traditional sense, a persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers. In this case, your persona is who your brand represents. It’s the way you want both you as a professional and your work to be received.

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BYOB Revolt

Be. Your. Own. Boss.

Being your own boss is about finding who you are, your skill set and how to grow without comparison. This is a revolt against everything you’ve been told professionally. It’s throwing caution to the wind, breaking molds and giving the middle fingers to anyone who tries to put you in a box. I am not perfect. My white hat has more dirt than most, but if your white hat’s not dirty, you’re just not doing it right. It took me four companies, three cities, a handful of epic failures and countless bottles of wine, but I’m here and I’m ready to share!The more I’ve come to terms with my professional passions, the prouder I’ve become. Because contrary to popular belief: you can be confident and compassionate. You can be bold and beloved. You can be a competitor and a captain. And you can bet your ass, you can be successful without being selfish. The time is now. I can promise you, it’s a powerful moment when you readjust your focus from the finish line to the present.If you’re ready, let’s f*cking do this!

 About the Author | Jennifer Fitta

As a hard nosed seasoned business strategist, Jennifer has worked with businesses of all sizes, across several industries to increase revenue through the use of internal exploration and hyper focused growth strategies. She held management roles for several multi million dollar companies in a marketing capacity; been the Chief Marketing Office in a strategy driven marketing agency and currently runs a successful business strategy firm as the President and Chief Strategy Officer. In the midst of her professional growth, she adjusted her business strategy methods and turned them on herself. She began charting her own success and professional path with a variety of accountability exercises and goal setting metrics which now make up the pages of BYOB Revolt.  Her approach is calculated, bold and unique, three things that she finds to be necessary to achieve optimal success for every individual.

BYOB Revolt
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