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Holding myself accountable for professional growth and how I carry does not mean I should expect the people around me to do the same. No matter how hard I try, I cannot control everyone. 

There are times in this journey that I lose sight of what holding myself accountable means for those around me. The answer is: absolutely nothing. This boss path that I’m on is a solo journey. No matter how many Revolters join the community, no matter how many people embrace their boss journey, it’s a party of one, because each person’s mission is a reflection of themselves and no one else. Lately, in my grind, I catch myself expecting others to maintain the levels of efficiency and priority that I do for myself. Big mistake.

Much like comparing my direct path to my peers, comparing people’s priorities and more importantly comparing how people conduct themselves to the way I do on my boss journey is a high horse I should not be riding. Gentle reminder that none of us, especially me, are perfect, therefore I may look at my boss path in a few years and think 2020 Jennifer was for the birds. Expectations for yourself, your values and priorities to grow as a professional into a boss are not one size fits all and being frustrated that others aren’t on your specific journey or speed is  a waste of fucking time.

This week in the community we discussed persona writing to better understand “who we are bringing to the table” before we establish “what we want to bring to the table” and it was a gentle reminder that every once in a while I need to thoughtfully look in the mirror and know that the person staring back at me doesn’t set the expectations of others’ professionalism – only my own. If I was able to set the priorities and personality of everyone else I’d be back in the dam box! (If you’re a community member, log in and check out this week’s discussion.)
If Sandy from Company “I Don’t Give A Damn” doesn’t make our meeting a priority and carry herself in the way that I would, it’s not my problem. I can flex my “bold move” to show my perspective, but other than that – harboring frustration does nothing for my cause. Which is why being a boss and showing off your bold move is a long term strategy for change. Sandy is not going to change her life because I gave her one dirty look and it’s not my job to change her life, it’s to worry about my own. More importantly, it shouldn’t distract or deter me from continuing to operate the way that is beneficial for me. I can hear my mom saying “If Sandy jumps off a bridge will you?” The answer is no. ​It’s like when a sport team plays to their competition instead of being consistent, or that one friend who you’re not quite sure how they really ever feels because they only act like the people they are around at the time. It’s the same for your boss journey. Sally, sucks… ok but you shouldn’t suck just because she does! If I waste time being frustrated on others boss journey, or lack there of, there is less time for me. I talk a ton about not competition from an accolade and milestone standpoint with other professionals, but it’s also a reminder that who you are, how you conduct yourself and how you prioritize elements of your work is not a competition or a hierarchy: it’s only a direct correlation to you and no one else.

Do not let someone else’s priorities, professionalism or even their persona invade your boss brain. Eyes on the prize. A quick eye roll won’t hurt, but don’t lose sight of your boss path. Every minute you take your eyes off the road, is one less minute on your own growth. Sally, we’re praying for you but we’re just not going to be paying attention to you anymore.

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