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The Three T’s of Baseline Assessment

I believe that as professionals we each establish a “baseline” as we move through our journey. In the literal sense, baseline skills are a combination of your core job requirements and your personal signature. In our method we prioritize and


Brand Positioning For A Promotion

All the tools we’ve twisted and turned on ourselves come from the fundamentals of business strategy, that’s no secret. Our persona formula acts as a mirror of self reflection to work through awareness and acceptance to leverage our professional brand.


Toxic Positivity Triggers White Hat Behavior

I often share my white hat moments and have defined these moments as such because they are a patterned behavior that society has molded the professional world to think is normal. These moments in particular are the ones that need


Production Power Pivot

2020 will go down in history as the year for professional pivots. You can quote me on that. Businesses and professionals alike have had to pivot and reposition themselves on many fronts. I’ve always been a fan of reinvention, but


Power play: Leverage Your Value Proposition

I’ve been know to say “your value proposition is your power” a time or two. If we’re being honest, I’ve said it so often I’ve lost count. So if your value proposition is your power, then you must use that


A Foundation of Values

It’s nearly impossible to grasp the Revolt methodology without discussing values. While the method revolves around the idea that competition and comparison are detrimental to personal accountability, your value system is the driving force behind what metrics you’re holding yourself

Meet the HBIC

President & Founder Jennifer Fitta

Somewhere in my mid twenties I felt my career path stifled by the professional norms put it place. No path forward seemed to think about what I wanted or valued as a professional. I took the tools of my trade, business strategy and turned myself into a brand and created this method. It’s an accountability practice that focused on self awareness, measurable metrics and a system of checks and balances that work for you not the other way around! Escape the box and begin your Revolt today!

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