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Competition Has Been Canceled

The single most effective thing I’ve done in my career is the discontinuation of external competition. Everyone knows I’m actively against cancel culture, but when it comes to competition, I can make one exception. You heard it here first –


Intuitive Personal Mentorship

External mentorship is insanely valuable in the employment process – I would not be half the person I am today without a strong set of mentors. My problem is that mentorship in the traditional sense leads to the idea that


Fear of Failure

As professionals we are conditioned to mold our careers to fit the status quo; it’s part of the workplace DNA. Part of that DNA is constructed on the concept that we should fear failure. In a recent podcast episode of


The Revolt Persona Method

Whenever I discuss career advancement, which let’s be honest is a common conversation occurrence in my life, I reference the Revolt Persona Method. I built BYOB Revolt on the foundation of self awareness, self acceptance and self accountability, which means


You Will Be Too Much

We have quite a few new faces and I figured between rants and Revolt Method dissections, I’d take a quick motivational minute for Revolters!  I’m glad you’re here. However you found BYOB Revolt, whether you’ve read the book, taken part

Meet the HBIC

President & Founder Jennifer Fitta

Somewhere in my mid twenties I felt my career path stifled by the professional norms put it place. No path forward seemed to think about what I wanted or valued as a professional. I took the tools of my trade, business strategy and turned myself into a brand and created this method. It’s an accountability practice that focused on self awareness, measurable metrics and a system of checks and balances that work for you not the other way around! Escape the box and begin your Revolt today!

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