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There is this misconception that to Revolt you must remove and by remove I mean, remove yourself from a job or a company or even an industry. The truth is, that a Revolt doesn’t revolve around any of those – a Revolt, in the method sense, revolves around you. You can absolutely remove the mindset without removing anything else from your career. That is exactly how I began revolting toward my boss journey. I didn’t start any of this because I hated my job, it was quite the opposite. I loved my job and my industry, but I felt trapped because my career revolved around a set of metrics that took everything and everyone else into account except me. Why couldn’t I complete my job, while also determining what I wanted to excel at? This Revolt was never intended to start my own business, although it has eventually come to that point for me. I was Revolting long before I owned anything and way before I was anyone else’s boss. I’ve said this time and time again: being a boss and being the boss are two totally different things. You should be the boss of your own career advancement – regardless of where you are because it’s your career. 

Think about it this way, every time you change companies or positions it seems like the goal posts move. The metrics and measurement for success change and immediately how you identify your professional value changes. The same thing happens when new management is in place. Every time we remove and replace an external variable in our career – our value changes. What if our personal value in the professional world had an underlying formula that carried with us from job to job, company to company, industry to industry. Kind of like a baseline? What if the common denominator for career advancement revolved around you instead of where and what you are tasked to do? I’m telling you, it’s possible. That’s the Revolt.

  • Readjust From The Future – turns out your current self is what you’re working with! It’s about being aware of who you are and accepting both your limitations and strengths. Because you have to decrease, but not eliminate your limitations and learn to live with them to a certain extent. You need to scale your strengths to increase how they impact your performance, but also create personal best challenges to grow your list of strengths. You cannot even begin to dream up your future self without honestly identifying yourself in the current moment.
  • Align Your Vision on Your Values – prioritizing what you value in terms of skill set without neglecting the part of your job that maybe aren’t your favorites is the key. Victory is so much sweeter when you attach it to something of value. There are always things that need to get done – it’s a job. But how you prioritize the time and value you put in them for your skill set growth is up to you! 
  • Accountability Means You are Seeking Honesty, Not High Fives – Not every check-in will be pretty and if you’re crushing every milestone goal, the chances are you aren’t challenging yourself. You can’t skip a session and add extra reps to the next set. It doesn’t work that way. You’ve got to call yourself to the carpet on a regular basis, because it is far too easy to have jumped back in the box without realizing it. 
  • Give Yourself A Goal – Goals have to be tangible, timed and talked about. You have to be able to measure your success in a timely manner and communicate it with ease. There is a method to this madness and it’s: career advancement. 
  • Repetition Creates Habit – When you are in the habit of honesty, awareness and goal setting on repeat, you have no way out of career advancement. You can’t run from routine. You can only run with it!

This is not a quit your job and set fire to your past, this is a quit being the victim of your career and take ownership of what’s yours! You get a chance to start fresh EVERY. DAMN. DAY. You don’t need a grand gesture of starting a new job or a new industry to perfect the timing of your Revolt. You Revolt by removing the mindset that someone else has set the rules and the scoring method for you. You Revolt by acknowledging that you are in the driver’s seat. You Revolt by holding yourself accountable for growth in a way that makes sense for you. You Revolt, because we all deserve to be the boss of our journey, so long as we accept the hard work that comes with that path.

BYOB Revolt
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