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A platform for Revolters to share their ideas, knowledge and perspectives

A platform for Revolters to share their ideas, knowledge and perspectives​

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What's the Tea, V?

With Vanna Keomisy

BYOB Revolt Marketing Director Vanna spills some hot tea on breaking out of her professional shell and gives her hot take on things HR won't ever tell you. Follow her on her journey to reversing everything she was taught. This vlog series goes in-depth into Vanna's experience and own career growth.

Office Politics

with Jazmine Reed-Clark

Office Politics is a series that aims to empower other professionals to skip the small talk and get into the real talk about career, social change, and leaving this world a little bit more authentic. Jazmine shares her insights on how to live out a life of authenticity at and after work as a Black Woman in Corporate America.

Jazmine Reed-Clark

Learning to Celebrate My Blackness at Work

A few weeks ago, I shared an open letter to company leaders declaring that my Black is not sold separately.  “And to accept me is to accept my struggle. Deep within my soul is a young Black girl who was

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