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I’m not a fan of buzzwords and they have no place in The Revolt. Words like synergy, holistic and work life balance make my blood boil. If I’m being totally honest, I shared in BYOB Revolt that for many years I thought balance alone was a buzzword used by people who were lazy. My opinion on balance has certainly changed, but my passionate stance on buzzwords has been ongoing for years. I wrote an entire chapter in BYOB Revolt about how I lumped brave into the buzzword category. Here’s an excerpt from the book to help clarify:

“Brave to me is what balance was a few years back. Basically, a load of bullshit that I wasn’t buying. Before you burn this book, give me a chance to explain. Being brave, at least lately, in the professional sense is associated with simply being different. Newsflash bitches, we are all different. And if we are all different, then you are essentially saying that being yourself is some sort of accomplishment. The reality of it is, no matter how hard you try, you cannot escape who you really are. You can try your best to hide behind your bleached, oversized, wide brim hat. (guilty as charged) But eventually some ill timed gust of wind will blow it off your head and just like that you’re exposed. Exposed for exactly who you are. 
By the way, before you panic, when that happens, even if you tried to avoid it, it’s actually quite liberating. The shock is fucking horrible and it takes a hot minute to readjust, but it’s liberating. Back to my point, I don’t think it’s brave to be yourself. I think being yourself is required if you’re going to be your own boss.”

Where is this rant going? A new buzzword that is messing with my method and I feel the need to clarify: authentic self. I was listening to a podcast where Whitney Cummings addressed this briefly (highly suggest listening) and then I had a conversation with a friend who brought to my attention that I should probably clarify a few things. I firmly believe that each and every person should be allowed to live authentically in a way that works for them. But there is this mindset that by being your authentic self you can say “nah, I’m all set” to things that don’t jive with you, and specifically at work that’s not going to fly. BYOB Revolt in no way shape or form condones this concept. The sad truth is: you are most definitely going to do a bunch of shit that you absolutely hate at work, you are going to pay your dues to a certain extent, but if you follow the method: you can prioritize your professional path on your ambitions, not those of your company or what the box people expect of you.

The Revolt is not an excuse network, it’s an accountability network. It’s not a well I’m a boss so I won’t do this, because I don’t feel like it. It’s a method of validating your passions, aligning them with your current role or a new role, using your voice appropriately to advocate for yourself for growth without comparison. It’s not using or making excuses, but eliminating them. The Revolt is NOT the book to slam on your boss’ desk and say I’m allowed to take naps at work because I’m passionate about naps. You get where I’m going.

So go on, go out there and live your authentic life in and out of the workplace, but don’t use that as an excuse, use it for accountability on how you can progress in your journey.

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