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At BYOB Revolt, we want to stress that black lives matter today, tomorrow, and everyday after that. We want to be able to lift the burden from the black community and do our part in educating non-blacks on how to be an ally and ways to help Black Lives Matter. Staying silent is not an option, and is an act of complicity. We are not taking the credit for the resources we’re sharing on this page as our own work, and original sources will be credited.

We want to listen. We want to learn. We want to educate. We want to do better.

If you’d like to help us facilitate a dialogue on why Black Lives Matter, we’d like to invite you to participate in our forum of podcast episodes on Bitch, I Quit where we educate others, especially non-blacks, on taking a stand. 

Please email if you’re interested in participating or have any questions.


Learn more about George Floyd’s case and sign the petition to help on

Source: @twpkhollands 

Sign the petition to help secure justice for the killing of Breonna Taylor:

Source: @twpkhollands

“Derek M Chauvin is a Minneapolis police officer who killed George Floyd on Memorial day. May 25, 2020. The chokehold he used isn’t even LEGAL in MMA, because it can kill someone in MINUTES. He has done this so many times against Latinos, Native Americans, and Black people. In 2008 he shot an unarmed Black man, he was one of the officers that helped MURDER Wayne Reyes, a Latino man, with SIXTEEN bullets. He is guilty. What he did was premeditated/planned because it’s well known that the chokehold is deadly. Raise the degree. This is first degree murder. People of color will not be silenced by this system any longer.” – Raise the Degree Petition 

Sign the petition here:

Source: @twpkhollands


A detailed list of petitions that you can sign to make a difference and help Black Lives Matter:

2. TEXT OR CALL representatives

With this website, you can quickly create personalized emails to send to the Minneapolis District Attorney and Minneapolis Police Department—an easy way to stand in solidarity with Floyd and the BLM movement:

Source: Black Lives Matters Carrd

Breonna Taylor was murdered in her house by police who raided the wrong house and was shot 8 times while she was sleeping. Call or E-mail the Louisville Mayor’s office and demand that the chief of police be fired.

Louisville Mayor, Greg Fischer
– (502) 574-2003

E-mail Form To Louisville MPD

Source: Black Lives Matters Carrd


Template for U.S. residents to inquire into how the police are trained in your city:


Source: Black Lives Matters Carrd

3. places you can donate to

Do not donate your money to Shaun King as he’s come under scrutiny for collected donation funds gone missing. Here’s a link to a few credible places you can donate to:

4. Educate yourself

Being informed on the issue and doing your own research alleviates the burden from the black community having to educate non-blacks. 

Here’s a great google doc that compiles a list of links you can read and learn from:

5. Map of protests


If you’re a minority struggling to communicate why you’re against anti-blackness and support the protests because of a language barrier, Letter for Black Lives is a great resource that has template letters translated in multiple languages: 

We want to emphasize that statistics are not meant to replace the value of a human life, but here are some resources you can share with friends or family members who need facts in order for them to listen or learn. Remember when you share statistics or studies, always provide context as some statistics can be misinterpreted. 



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