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Be Your Own Badge of honor was a mini-rant (interlude) in the extended edition of the BYOB Revolt that was actually not written in chronological order like the rest of the book. It was actually an afterthought. If I’m being honest, when I wrote it, it was actually a means to avoid a Be Your Own Bust situation. Well, actually the concept was a means of avoidance, not the actual content. Personally, I was giving myself a badge of honor because I wasn’t 150% content in my current role, because I couldn’t 150% see the future. So I was trying to give myself a pass for the unknown. Again, ridiculous, because I didn’t need a get a of jail free card, I need to evaluate and regroup. I also needed to check myself for expecting 150% certainly on anything, hell 100% certainty even 80% is wishful thinking. So I reread my own damn book, working on my steps of documentation and low and behold it worked. I then wrote Be Your Own Badge of honor, while my imaginary friend Lisa Rinna repeated her signature line “Own It” on repeat in my head for some extra motivation.

A little background for the newcomers: in the section, I discuss that eventually you’re going to celebrate by yourself because not every accomplishment is a milestone. In addition, there are points of the journey that are DRAGGING and you will feel as though you’ve plateaued but in reality, it’s the repetition of the climb that feels grinding. It leads to this misinformed idea that you have plateaued when in reality this is the path of persistence. You have to Be Your Own Best Advocate even when you look in the mirror. You have to rationalize your efforts in a manner that allows you to celebrate the non-milestones, even if it’s just you. 

But lately, I’ve been expanding this concept more in my own life. Be Your Own Badge of honor has to be a level fo self acceptance and a level of self trust. Because fuck, not every day is a milestone, not every victory needs a parade, and the process doesn’t happen overnight. So Be Your Own Badge of Honor has to translate into you confidently giving yourself a little grace.

No, I don’t know with 150% certainty that everything is going to go as planned.
No, I don’t know with 150% certainty that I’ll reach my milestones in the time I’ve allotted.
No, I don’t know with 150% certainty that this won’t need some tweaking and adjustments.
But guess what, I trust myself and the process I’ve committed to, because I’ve done the work and I am the baseline for my own professional destiny.

To quote myself, “You have to be comfortable in your own journey knowing that putting in the work (that you value) will be worth it and that in itself will have to be enough (temporarily). Eventually you will be able to utilize your boss path for the bonuses life has to offer. But that starts with a level of comfort knowing that you don’t want or need a participation trophy; your boss self is an incomparable badge of honor.”

And for whoever needs, Lisa Rinna is here for you: Own Your Shit!

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